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Training for children from 4.5+ years onwards

Age: 4.5+ years

Enrolment prerequisites:

  • the child has turned 4.5+ years
  • the child is mature enough to go to the space where programme is held on its own without parents

Child’s accomplishments at the end of the programme:

  • the child participates in the activities in water confidently and without fear
  • using the orange and the yellow SWIMTRAINER, and later only the belly part of the SWIMTRAINER, a child swims using the correct breaststroke technique for more than 10 metres
  • a child swims on its own for 5-10 meters using breaststroke technique
  • developing endurance in water
  • a child performs back/chest or the mushroom float on its own
  • a child independently performs the longitudinal, the transversal or the combined rotation

About the programme

  • The programme duration is 15 hours and it's held twice a week from September to June
  • The programme duration is 10 hours and it's held 5 times a week in the summer intensive cycle
  • The lesson lasts 60 minutes. 10 minutes of dry land training + 50 minutes in the swimming pool
  • Venue and dates: SRC Mladost, Centar Mali dom, Swimming pool Novi Jelovec, Swimming pool Utrina (during summer only) See locations
  • Membership fee: HRK 750.00 for 15 lessons. Membership remains the same regardless of the number of lessons you have attended.
  • In order to apply for the programme, fill in the Interest Form

After you receive information on available places in the programme, you need to read GOLDEN RULES and CONTRAINDICATIONS and fill in the on-line APPLICATION FORM.

Golden Rules

Our liabilities towards you, requirements for participation in the programme, cancellation and rescheduling of lessons, alternative lessons, instructions for work at the swimming pool, information on SWIMTRAINERS and neoprene swimsuits, instructions on conduct on the swimming pool…


Sick swimmers bring pathogenic organisms into water. Therefore, swimmers are forbidden to enter the pool when suffering from diseases named in this document. The ban is applicable to familiar persons (parents, teachers…) accompanying swimmers in the pool.

Application Form

Sign up for Natator Swimming Club

The reservation amount can be refunded only based on the medical certificate.

The remaining amount needs to be paid before the programme starts.

All participants in the programme have to adhere to the rules on swimming pool gear.

Please come to the swimming pool 15 minutes before the programme starts.

What to take to the pool

Flat cloth diapers to change your baby on, nappy cream, towels for parents and the baby, shower gel, hair dryer, swim cap and pool shoes are only some of the items you should bring to the pool…

Swimming pool gear

Dear swimming pool users, due to hygienic and healthcare reasons wearing swim caps and other appropriate clothes is recommended. This document shows examples of clothes appropriate for swimming pools.

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