Swimming for babies

Swimming for babies from 4 months onwards

Swimming for babies starts when babies turn four months, i.e. when they are able to keep their heads up for a longer period of time while lying on their belly and leaning on their arms; when they acquire certain level of immunity to infections lurking in their surrounding and when they develop body thermoregulation.

Infancy is the perfect period to start spending time in water since small babies have an innate swimming reflex manifested as pushing forward using both legs simultaneously, resembling movements of small frogs. This method of simultaneous movement of both legs is lost around the age of one year. When children start to walk they start with alternating movements of legs, so it is important to take advantage of the so-called frog reflex and incite babies to move that way, thus facilitating the acquisition of the frog-like leg movements in later phases of learning how to swim, i.e. when learning the breaststroke swimming technique.

At this level, babies are in water with a familiar person: mother, father or some other close family member. At this stage, red SWIMTRAINER is used.

  • The programme is held continuously throughout the year in four cycles:
    • autumn cycle / 10 lessons / once a week / September, October, ½ November
    • winter cycle / 10 lessons / once a week / ½ November, December, January, ½ February
    • spring cycle / 10 lessons / once a week / ½ February, March, April
    • summer cycle / once a week / May / ½ June
    • intensive summer cycle from 2 to 5 lessons per week, depending on the age / ½ June and ½ July
  • The price of the 10-lesson-cycle is HRK 750.00
  • Members who attend at least three cycles can pay the monthly membership fee in the amount of HRK 275.00
  • The lesson in the pool lasts up to 35 minutes
  • Location and schedule: Centre Mali dom, Baštijanova 1 D (from Monday to Friday) and Winter Swimming Pool Mladost, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 10, (Saturday and Sunday) and Sports Centre Svetice, Maksimirska cesta 126 - See locations
  • In order to apply for the programme, fill in the Interest Form

After you receive information on available places in the programme, you need to read GOLDEN RULES and CONTRAINDICATIONS and fill in the on-line APPLICATION FORM.

Golden Rules

Our liabilities towards you, requirements for participation in the programme, cancellation and rescheduling of lessons, alternative lessons, instructions for work at the swimming pool, information on SWIMTRAINERS and neoprene swimsuits, instructions on conduct on the swimming pool…


Sick swimmers bring pathogenic organisms into water. Therefore, swimmers are forbidden to enter the pool when suffering from diseases named in this document. The ban is applicable to familiar persons (parents, teachers…) accompanying swimmers in the pool.

Application Form

Sign up for Natator Swimming Club

The reservation amount can be refunded only based on the medical certificate.

The remaining amount needs to be paid before the programme starts.

All participants in the programme have to adhere to the rules on swimming pool gear.

Please come to the swimming pool 15 minutes before the programme starts.

What to take to the pool

Flat cloth diapers to change your baby on, nappy cream, towels for parents and the baby, shower gel, hair dryer, swim cap and pool shoes are only some of the items you should bring to the pool…

Swimming pool gear

Dear swimming pool users, due to hygienic and healthcare reasons wearing swim caps and other appropriate clothes is recommended. This document shows examples of clothes appropriate for swimming pools.

We organize an introductory lecture for our members and interested parents four times per year. At the lecture, we present the FREDS SWIM ACADEMY method, which gradually and in the way appropriately adjusted to each development phase provides children with an experience of success and the feeling of safety in water, necessary for children to successfully learn how to swim and to acquire a positive attitude to water they will treasure for life; we talk about the organisation of coming to / leaving the pool with babies and toddlers; the pool safety, SWIMTRAINERS, advantages of early swimming and its influence on the overall development of babies and toddlers; prerequisites for exercising in water; absolute and relative contraindications for exercising in water, golden rules etc.

We show sample videos of swimming training for each age group, and parents are provided with an opportunity to ask questions and get answers during an interactive lecture.

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